The future of greens fee pricing is here today!

Welcome to the new era in golf course tee times! Realizing that there are essentially two types of golfers; price sensitive and time sensitive, Dynamic Pricing will offer more affordable golf for the price sensitive golfer, while making golf more accessible for the time sensitive golfer. You may see our most demanded times of the day at a slightly higher price, but you will also see an overwhelming amount of our tee times at prices that are more affordable than ever! With Customer Pricing, we put you the customer, in control of what you want to pay to play golf!  We can quote you a rate over the phone the old fashion way, OR YOU CAN SAVE by booking tee times online.

What exactly is Dynamic Pricing?

By definition, dynamic means “constant change.” At Peninsula, rates will be adjusted – both higher and lower – in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors. While this may be new to the game of golf; airlines, hotels and even your favorite sports teams are utilizing this powerful new pricing strategy, with rates changing daily, in real-time, Dynamic Pricing gives you the chance to find the rate and time that works best for you.

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