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Memorial Tree Requests

Peninsula State Park Golf Course frequently receives requests from people wishing to plant a tree in memory of a loved one who has passed away or to honor someone. In response, we have developed a Memorial Tree Request program. Here is how the program works:

The person making the request completes the “Memorial Tree Request” form above providing the necessary information:

  • The name of the person to be remembered or honored.
  • Choose a preferred species of tree from the list. Trees listed are native to Door County.
  • You will be contacted regarding the planting location. Site selection will be made from a plan that has been developed for where trees are needed on the golf course. The name of the person for whom the tree is planted is placed on a wooden plaque on the north side of the clubhouse. A record of the locations of donated trees is kept at the clubhouse and park headquarters.
  • Attach a check to the request form in the amount of $300, payable to “Peninsula Golf Associates.” This will buy a mature tree that is normally guaranteed for one year.

Please download the information and form here:


Peninsula State Park or Peninsula Golf Associates are not responsible to replace or maintain trees that become infected with a disease, insects and/or damaged by an act of nature. If you have any questions, contact Jason Daubner, golf course General Manager at 920.854.5791. We know that Peninsula State Park Golf Course is a very special place for many people who live in or visit Door County. We are pleased to offer this program. Thank you for your interest!