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Course History

The storied history of The Peninsula State Park Golf Course began as early as 1909, and the first 6 holes of the golf course opened in 1917. The course was expanded to 9 Holes just a few years later (in 1923), and in 1931 opened with all 18 Holes. Enjoy the information timeline below for some very important dates that brought us to where we are today.


Year Event
1909 Wisconsin paid $100,000 for land for Peninsula State Park.
1914 1st Park Supt authorized to build two 9-hole courses in Park. Ephraim course started. Fish Creek started, plans abandoned.
1917 Ephraim Men's Club manages new 6-hole golf course; called it "Door County Country Club".
1923 9-hole course opened; "sand and oil greens".
1925 First Resorters' Tournament held.
1927 Memorial Pole (between 1st and 9th fairways) erected; many Potowatomi Indians attend dedication.
1929-30 Second 9 holes designed and built.
1931 Chief Onanguisse Kahquados buried on course just north of Memorial Pole - stone marker nearby.
1931 18-hole course (5000 yards) opened.
1941 Green fees $1 for 18 holes - no carts available.
1948 Pull carts introduced to course players.
1949 Beer sales end at clubhouse.
1954 New clubhouse built - first one was a granary!
1960s Course redesigned; Hole #5 across Hwy. 42 eliminated.
1960s-70s Course operational but conditions poor.
1970 Memorial Pole replaced - pine laminate replica.
1981 Ad Hoc Committee formed to save golf course convinces Wisconsin Gov. Lee Dreyfus and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to allow them to run golf course.
1982 Peninsula Golf Associates, Inc (PGA, Inc) formed to manage golf course. First lease for operations signed with DNR.
1983 PGA, Inc Board members each gave personal guarantees of $5000 to finance course - wives called them crazy! PGA, Inc hires first manager.
1989 Clubhouse expanded and improved.
1997 PGA, Inc goes into debt for irrigation system; DNR paid half.
1998 Lease agreement with DNR extended to 2009.
2002 Debt for irrigation system paid in full!
2004 PGA, Inc. becomes a 501c-3 organization. Tax exempt donations sought for improvements.
2006 PGA, Inc starts fiscal year without a loan!
2007 PGA, Inc Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!
2008 Building improvements project begun with phased upgrades.
2009 Agreement with DNR extended to 2019 for PGA, Inc. to manage and operate golf course. Season opens with improved clubhouse facilities.
2010 Continued upgrades of clubhouse maintenance and 10th tee facilities.
2014 Opening of our Beautiful 6 Hole Short Course for play.